Welker, Inc

September 2, 2021
Welkerites are inventive people. In our 65-year history, we’ve designed over 80 patented solutions for the different sectors of the oil and gas industry. Some of our most significant patents are the IRA Automatic Insertion Probe Regulator, WelkerScope® for pipeline inspection, ECOsystem Pulse Bypass odorization system, LNG sample probe, automated gasoline blending sampling system, and inFlow ACE Crude Oil Sampler.
When Robert H. Welker started the company out of his garage, Welker was a one-man operation dedicated to inventing and manufacturing devices to improve the oil and gas industry. Sixty-five years later, Welker is a manufacturing leader with over 100 employees who are committed to creative quality solutions.
Branching Out
Not content with the status quo, the company has carried the legacy of inventiveness and advancement into the third generation. Under the leadership of Brian Welker, the company gained momentum, developing and patenting new products every year, and his background in machining helped Welker evolve into the world-class manufacturing company it is today.
With our extensive industry and product knowledge and the know-how of experienced employees, Welker is perfectly positioned to be your one-stop-shop for turnkey solutions for the oil and gas industry and beyond.
13839 West Bellfort Street Sugar Land, TX


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