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Gravity Consulting LLC DBA OilRegistry.com

Supplier Search. Simplified.

We are on a mission to help oil and gas producers find oil and gas suppliers though one unified platform.

Looking to develop greenfield but the rollodex is slim? Have a project which is not served by the current supplier? Existing guys pushing for a price hike? Don’t know whom to send a bid out? We’ve all struggled to find suppliers. OilRegistry is built to eliminate these hassles and give you options when it comes to your supplier base. Get started now!

Our customers are saying...

"If you really want to reach out fast within the Oil & Gas industry, please follow them and be part of @oilregistry. One of the best and most serious oil and gas platform on the net including Instagram. Keep up the great job Oil Registry @oilregistry!!!!"

- Advanced Consulting Texas
"You guys are super nice and I appreciate everything you're doing for us and our industry."

- NextGen Manufacturing & Supply
"You are an amazing platform connecting people within our industry!"

- DK Drilling Structures
"Thank you [OilRegistry], for providing an excellent avenue-resource for individuals, companies, and organizations searching for products, as well as, a trustworthy means of O&G industry connectivity. I would also like to note the friendly advice and support I have received while utilizing OilRegistry."

- Sam K., Supervisor/Operator

Dedicated team

Our platform is a place for big and small suppliers to showcase their capabilities (product, service, etc.) and for producers to find the right suppliers for their projects at the right location and for the right price. We are a part of Gravity Consulting LLC, doing business as OilRegistry.com.

Search oil and gas suppliers

Premier location-based oil and gas directory. OilRegistry finds nearby suppliers.

Search oil and gas suppliers

Premier location-based oil and gas directory. OilRegistry helps find nearby suppliers.




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