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We have a secondary containment system that is like no other in the industry and we just launched it in the US last November. Here is a little background- the wall units are manufactured in a plant outside of Chicago and are 100% US made from recycled material and now finally patented in the US. Primarily it is used on the production side for frac tanks and the like. We are now doing grain storage, frac ponds, secondary walls for retention ponds, flood diversion/mitigation, erosion control and virtually anything else you can think of.

At this point, we believe we are about 50% less in cost for other walls that are out in the market such as muscle wall or poly star.


Here is my website with what has been done in the US-


This system can be used for permanent/operation or production, semi-permanent/production, temporary/drilling or workover programs, even pipeline construction, temporary crop storage, flood mitigation and whatever else may be required or dreamed up.

Just a FYI, for a 2- 1,000 barrel tank setup it takes a couple of guys about 20 minutes to connect the panels and another 60 minutes or so to install the liner and ridge caps. There are no posts or pins or straps, although we do offer a support strut for our flood mitigation system to have more support against flowing water.


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