Hawk Measurement (HAWK)

HAWK’s Oil & Gas products directly relate to the ever growing industry standards, safety regulations and the need for rugged, reliable, and cost effective equipment for flow and tank level monitoring. Our meters are widely used in different components of the Oil & Gas industry from Upstream exploration and production, Midstream transportation and storage to Downstream refining and distribution. Today, much more attention is being paid to the management of oilfield water especially Frac Flowback Water. With these issues garnering headlines HAWK offers the instrumentation to track, data log the volume, and send email reports for each load whether it be fresh water headed to the well pad or flowback water sent to be treated. With the diverse use of HAWK’s equipment in the Oil & Gas market our goal is to serve and exceed industry standards. www.hawkmeasurement.com

flow meters at hydraulic fracturing site
HAWK Variable Area Flow Meters at Hydraulic Fracturing Site


About HAWK
Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK), a world leader in level, positioning, asset monitoring and flow measurement technology, provides cutting-edge equipment and complete solutions to the global industrial market.

Established in 1988, HAWK has won several prestigious awards for their breakthrough technologies. Some of these technologies include Acoustic Wave, Ultrasonic, Microwave, Radar, and Fiber Optic Sensing. HAWK designs and develops innovative measurement technology that is extremely reliable and accurate, simple to install, easy to operate and offers maximum efficiency.

For over 30 years, HAWK has successfully solved difficult liquids and solids applications in a wide range of industries including mining/mineral processing, water supply/waste water, oil & gas, bulk material handling, chemical, power, cement, pulp & paper and food. HAWK is committed to providing best-in-class products, services and technologies that will have unsurpassed value for their customers.

HAWK’s products and services include:

•Level and flow measurement and monitoring systems

•Fiber optic leak detection

•Fiber optic perimeter security

•Acoustic wave level measurement (self-cleaning)

•Guided radar level measurement (interface)

•Radar level measurement

•Laser level measurement

•Point level measurement (liquids and solids)

•Asset protection and monitoring (via cloud-based web portal)

•Remote tank monitoring

•Complete system solutions






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