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We created “One Shot.” a new chemical blend that works downhole, pipelines, SWD’s, R9 (Reclamation/Recycle) Facilities, and storage tanks. Benefits include: Eliminate/reduce H2S Reduce/eliminate paraffin Reduce/eliminate asphaltenes Reduce/eliminate bitumen Reduce/eliminate scale

You asked and we listened! New is here! Global OilRegistry is designed for suppliers outside of North America.  If you are an oil and gas supplier outside of North America and would like to grow your business — register and list your business with Global OilRegistry site!  If you are a supplier in North...

US researchers have proposed the use of hydraulically fractured oil and gas wells to store renewable energy via compressed natural gas, with the levelized cost of storage potentially coming in at $70/MWh and $270/MWh. They said wells could also be used to store other renewable gases such as carbon dioxide or hydrogen in the future.

CDM Software Solutions’ Asset Tracking Tablet and Web Based software solution allow companies to track inventory, iron utilization/non-utilization and manage iron certification utilizing RFID/IOT/GPS. For more information go to

Emerald Surf Sciences

September 9, 2021

Our  new HydroLyft engineered fluid for frac plug drill outs or work over clean outs allows E&Ps to gain circulation in low bottom pressure wells. Our patent pending technology let’s Emerald Surf Sciences modulate the fluid density from 8.3 lbs/gal to as low as 3.8 lbs/gal on the fly and remove sludge, sand, plug parts...

With Knight Energy Services, there are no roadblocks. Only solutions.   ​​Rental Services-KnightEnergy0162 ​​For more than 50 years, Knight Energy Services has specialized in serving the oil and gas industry by providing the highest quality oilfield equipment, consultation, and solutions to our clients throughout their project. ​​People are the difference when providing solutions. Their experience,...

Welker, Inc

September 2, 2021

Welkerites are inventive people. In our 65-year history, we’ve designed over 80 patented solutions for the different sectors of the oil and gas industry. Some of our most significant patents are the IRA Automatic Insertion Probe Regulator, WelkerScope® for pipeline inspection, ECOsystem™ Pulse Bypass odorization system, LNG sample probe, automated gasoline blending sampling system, and...

Our History Russ co-founded another company in Northern Utah in 2005 manufacturing wireline trucks and equipment. The company was sold in 2017 and Russ continued on as General Manager. In 2020 with the industry down turn and worldwide slowdown, the Utah facility was closed. That resulted in the Genesis of Quantum Resource Facilius. Our Story...

Hawk Measurement releases two new non-contact laser level transmitters used to measure the level, distance and position of solids and liquids in industrial applications. March 15, 2021, Melbourne, Australia – Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK), the global leader in measurement and monitoring solutions, has announced the release of their new OptioLaser L100 and L200 Laser Level...

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